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American Dream

What it means to me to be an American

Hello, My name is Bonnie Rodin. My husband and I own Rodin Painting in Modesto, CA

I am proud to be an American and share this story with you.

I was born and raised in Russia. I came to United States in 1991 without any idea of what I will be and how my life will turn out. As time went by, I realized one great lesson: Nothing you learn will ever go to waste. Your knowledge is your treasure. You might not apply it right away, but time will come and everything you ever learned will be a great benefit in your life.

As time went by, I became an American citizen, raised beautiful daughter, worked, and dreamed of an opportunity to do more. EVERYTHING STARTS WITH DREAMING. As my daughter grew up. got married, and had kids on her own, my husband and I started to think about us(sounds familiar?) But we did not think on how to live selfishly, but how to bring our dreams into reality. This is where I can tell you that there is no better country to do it in. America is a true land of opportunities.

I started to tutor kids grades 1-12 for free twice a week in Math(after 20 years my degree from Russia came handy). We have our painting business, but it is not enough. We want to be more than just an average small business in town. I started to think about providing more than income for us, but give some to others. We started to expand and hiring top of the line painters. I started to do more and more research on advertising to keep our employees at full time(as you all know painting is not a very stable 40 hours a week business). I usually do not get overwhelmed, but I did. Amount of information, calls, false advertisements, sales, and so on, can drive anyone crazy. And again, I had to remind myself to be patient and just breeze. But through all this chaos, I kept thinking to myself, only in America, I am free to choose what and where I can advertize. Only in America, I can expand my business by working hard. Only in America I can freely speak , read, research anything I want without looking over my shoulder.

I am truly blessed with support I receive from my family and friends in this adventure. And I would like to invite you follow my blog as this adventure continue.

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