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Cheap vs Affordable Painting companies

As we are approaching great weather, we see increase in calls from customers for exterior or interior projects.

There are many reasons why we want to give a new look to our home, but as owner of your home, be careful in selecting right contractor to complete your project.

The following questions you, as an owner you should ask yourself when getting estimates on your home:

1. Is painting contractor has valid Contractor's license?

A: If painter does not have contractor license, you as a consumer is not protected if there are any problems with a job. It is also illegal in CA to do any work without Contractors license that will cost over $500.00.

2. Is painting contractor has work comp, general liability, and bond?

A: Be careful who works around your house. Any contractor that has employees should carry Workers Compensation Insurance and General Liability insurance.

3. What kind of paint does painting contractor use?

A: Some paint will look good for a year and start to fade. Ask for warranty on labor and material.

4. Will they provide detail written estimate?

A: You need to be able to refer to the written contract of all the things that have to be done. Do not make verbal agreements.

5. Who will be working in your home?

A: Contractor should let you know how many people will be working on your house. Especially if you choose big company, they should notify you how many people are coming to your home.

6. Who is giving you an estimate?

A: Are you talking to the owner, or salesperson? If you are talking to the salesperson, please consider two things:

a)Someone is paying his/her salary. Cost of painting your home includes salesperson salary. Is he/she that good for you to pay extra?

b) Does salesperson cares about quality company provides? It is not his company and it is not his name that will be reviewed if things will not be done right.

7. Does painting contractor ask for money down? (they can ask for 10% of the job)

After asking all these questions, customers will be more educated when getting estimates. If you received estimate that is cheap, be careful.

If you received estimate that is too expensive, be careful.

Call us (209)544-1960 and we guarantee that we will be affordable. We do not sell, we work.

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